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Ayatana resorts ropes in Celebrity Yoga and wellness expert, Anshuka Parwani as their wellness ambassador

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In a recent development that marks an exciting juncture in luxury hospitality, Ayatana Resorts announced their partnership with celebrity yoga expert, Anshuka Parwani. She is set to take up the role of wellness ambassador at Ayatana Resorts, a chain known for its luxury properties in the enchanting locations of Coorg and Ooty.

Ayatana Resorts, known for their harmonious blend of responsible luxury with nature, have established a unique place in the luxury hospitality market. The association with Anshuka Parwani reaffirms their commitment to the promotion of holistic wellness, merging the serene beauty of nature with the healing power of Yoga.

Parwani will be leading exclusive wellness programs, creating immersive initiatives that cater to the individual needs and aspirations of guests. These bespoke programs are aimed at helping guests immerse in the magic of Yoga, enabling them to find the same sense of purpose and direction that Yoga bestowed upon Parwani.

Speaking about the partnership, Mr. Vishal Vincent, MD of Ayatana Resorts said, “We at Ayatana are truly thrilled to have Anshuka Parwani as our distinguished wellness ambassador. Ayatana’s mission to create rejuvenating and enriching retreats to nourish the body and uplift the spirit aligns with Anshuka’s passion for wellness and her dedication to sharing the wisdom of Yoga.”


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