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Beat the Heat with Keventers’ Exciting Sparkling Iced Beverages Collection

This summer, Keventers, a well-established Indian Dairy brand with a 97-year legacy, is venturing beyond its traditional milkshakes and ice creams by introducing a refreshing range of Sparkling Iced Beverages. As part of their “Sensational Summer Sips” campaign, Keventers aims to satisfy the cravings of consumers for cool summer refreshments with five enticing flavors (Mango Magic, Berry Blast, Chai Chill, Citrus Twist Iced Tea, and Peach Paradise Iced Tea).

Embodying the brand’s motto “Fizz, Fun, and Flavor,” the Sparkling Iced Beverages range promises to be the ultimate cool-down solution for the sweltering Indian summer. The lineup features Indian-inspired flavors like Mango Magic and Berry Blast, which expertly combine sweet and tangy notes. For tea enthusiasts, the refreshingly spiced Chai Chill offers a unique twist, while Citrus Twist Iced Tea and Peach Paradise Iced Tea deliver a burst of joy in every bottle.

These rejuvenating summer drinks boast a sleek, contemporary packaging design, and will be available at participating Keventers outlets across India. With prices starting at Rs.159, customers can choose from regular and medium-sized Keventers bottles. Mr. Agastya Dalmia, Founder and CEO of Keventers, discussed the new product launch, highlighting their focus on innovation and the incorporation of a distinctive Indian element into their product development.


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