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Kamats Restaurants takes an Initiative to Provide Hygienic Washrooms for Travelers

According to Dr. Vikram Kamat, the founder of The Vitskamats Group, Kamats Restaurants aims to offer clean washrooms, changing rooms, and affordable fresh food for travelers. The issue of hygiene has long plagued rural areas of India, and Kamats Restaurants is stepping up to the challenge.

For women and children, finding a clean washroom along the highways has always been a challenge. While there are many public washrooms available, hygiene is not always a guarantee. To tackle this issue, Kamats Restaurants has made it a mission to provide clean washrooms at all their pit-stops, along with delicious, freshly made Indian meals.

Dr. Vikram Kamat believes that hygiene is of utmost importance, and this initiative will contribute towards the overall mission of promoting good hygiene and supporting local businesses. By providing a comfortable pit-stop with clean washrooms and fresh food, Kamats Restaurants is striving to create a community that values cleanliness and hygiene.

This initiative by Kamats Restaurants is expected to not only improve their business but also elevate the standard of Indian highway restaurants, making them a preferred option for travelers. As a well-known and respected brand, Kamats Restaurants is proud to contribute towards its country and society.


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