Melodea’s Sustainable Barrier Coating Boosts Food Packaging Recyclability

MelOx NGen sustainable barrier coating for plastic food packaging.

With sustainability at the forefront of modern manufacturing processes, there is an increasing need for innovative solutions to address the issues surrounding plastic waste. Melodea, Ltd., a vanguard in the sustainable barrier coatings industry, has responded to this call with its novel offering, MelOx NGen™.

The uniqueness of MelOx NGen™ stems from its water-based, plant-sourced constitution, which allows it to seamlessly adhere to a wide array of plastic food packaging types. The coating not only offers a remarkable barrier but also aids in extending the shelf life of a range of food items and pharmaceuticals.

MelOx NGen™ emerges as a successful spin-off from Melodea’s MelOx technology, developed primarily for paper packaging. In line with global regulatory norms, the FDA and the BfR have approved MelOx NGen™ for food contact, paving the way for its global rollout.

The introduction of MelOx NGen™ could redefine the plastic packaging landscape. Its broad applicability and superior performance properties present it as a viable alternative to petroleum-based materials currently in use. This innovative coating comes at a crucial time, in sync with the EU’s Plastic Waste Directive, promoting recycling practices and discouraging non-recyclable materials usage.

The global marketplace for sustainable solutions is growing rapidly, and Melodea’s MelOx NGen™ has already been selected as a finalist in the prestigious Sustainability Awards 2023. As the world seeks greener solutions, MelOx NGen™ promises to play a pivotal role in reducing plastic waste and fostering a circular economy.


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