Revolutionizing Prostate Cancer Care with AI: Avenda Health Unveils Unfold AI

Avenda Health’s Unfold AI Logo with 3D cancer visualization background

In a groundbreaking study published in European Urology Open Science, Avenda Health, an AI healthcare company, has revealed its innovative machine learning (ML) model, Unfold AI™, that could redefine the standards of prostate cancer care. Collaborating with Stanford University School of Medicine’s Department of Urology, Avenda Health has achieved substantial progress in identifying the extent and location of cancer more effectively than conventional imaging techniques.

Unfold AI’s 3D cancer visualization empowers physicians with in-depth knowledge, ensuring comprehensive cancer removal while significantly decreasing the risks of residual cancer and damage to delicate tissues involved in urinary and sexual functions.

The study encompassed 50 prostate cancer patients and demonstrated that the machine learning model incorporating both biopsy and image features was more adept in determining cancer risk and treatment boundaries. This was particularly evident with the complete clinically significant prostate cancer encapsulation rates being higher with the ML model (80%) compared to traditional full-gland removal (56%).

Avenda Health’s CEO, Shyam Natarajan, expressed enthusiasm regarding the advancements in prostate cancer treatment after nearly 40 years of stagnation. He applauded the team’s dedication and anticipates disseminating the pivotal data to more patients.

Avenda Health’s approach centers on customizing each patient’s treatment journey through machine learning, significantly enhancing the options available and ultimately preserving the quality of life. Moreover, with the recent FDA clearance for Unfold AI, Avenda Health is poised to propel the adoption of AI in delivering more precise prostate cancer treatments.

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