Rotary Club of Delhi South Lights Up Lives of Leprosy Patients with Solar Power Plant and Relief Aid

The Rotary Club of Delhi South (RCDS), in collaboration with Lepra and Assets Care and Reconstruction Enterprise Ltd (ACRE), has launched an on-grid solar power plant at the Mother Teresa Home in Tahirpur, Delhi. The project aims to provide a sustainable source of energy for leprosy patients and their families, improving their quality of life. Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Mr. Manoj Tiwari, inaugurated the solar power plant and distributed tricycles to the patients.

Leprosy is a curable yet misunderstood disease that still affects thousands globally, with India accounting for 54% of new cases detected in 2020-21. To improve medical care, raise awareness, and dispel social stigma surrounding the disease, RCDS, with its partners, takes a multi-pronged approach. The Leprosy Control Project, started in 2019, works towards uplifting the lives of more than 1500 leprosy patients and their families in Delhi NCR.

In addition to the solar power plant, RCDS has also donated relief aid and tricycles to leprosy patients, which will help them lead a more comfortable and independent life. The tricycles will enable the patients to move around more easily, providing them with a sense of freedom.

RCDS is setting an example for other organizations to follow in their endeavor to improve the quality of life for marginalized communities. The initiative showcases the importance of sustainable energy solutions in improving the health and well-being of society’s most vulnerable groups. With this green initiative, RCDS has not only empowered leprosy patients with a sustainable source of energy but also made significant progress towards a leprosy-free India.


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