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Vegas Mall Organises Blood Donation Drive: Be a Hero, Donate Blood

People participating in the Blood Donation Drive at Vegas Mall

Vegas Mall, a popular shopping and entertainment center in Delhi, recently partnered with the Rotary Blood Bank for a Blood Donation Drive. This collaboration aimed to highlight the crucial need for blood donations and inspire individuals to contribute to this noble cause.

The drive took place at Vegas Mall located in Sector-14, Dwarka, which is known for its energetic ambiance and wide selection of shops and entertainment options. The venue played a significant role in attracting participants, who eagerly lined up to make a difference.

The Rotary Blood Bank was instrumental in the success of the event, ensuring a smooth and efficient donation process with its dedicated team and specially designed blood donation bus.

Mr. Ravindar Choudhary, VP of Vegas Mall, expressed enthusiasm for the event, saying, “We are thrilled to host the Blood Donation Drive at Vegas Mall and contribute to the noble cause of saving lives through blood donations.” He thanked the Rotary Blood Bank for their support and expressed the hope that the event would encourage patrons and the local community to become heroes through their contributions.

The event managed to attract over 80 participants, all of whom became part of the life-saving journey through their donations.

Vegas Mall and Rotary Blood Bank emphasized that each blood donation holds the potential to save multiple lives. Through this initiative, they hope to foster a culture of giving and compassion within the community, aptly reflecting the event’s motto, “Be a Hero, Donate Blood.”


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