Covestro India: Fusing People-Centric Policies with High-Tech Excellence

"Covestro India: Pioneering Innovation and Employee Engagement"

Operating at the cutting edge of polymer technology, Covestro India is globally recognized for its high-tech innovations and equally commendable people-centric policies. This balance of technological prowess and human resources development recently culminated in Covestro being named the ‘Best Employer of Maharashtra.’

Embodying Covestro’s commitment to its people, Kartik Iyer, the company’s HR head, explains, “Our goal is to create an environment that fosters growth and development, enriching our employees’ professional journey.”

Beyond its exceptional HR practices, Covestro India stands at the forefront of the global sustainability movement. The company has made substantial efforts to integrate circular economy principles into its operations, contributing to both environmental protection and long-term business success.

Being recognized among the top 50 companies in Maharashtra, Covestro’s people-first approach and dedication to sustainable innovation sets it apart as an employer of choice, demonstrating a model for other companies to emulate.


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