Crypto craftsmanship that contacts you: NIVEA dispatches free NFT workmanship about the worth of touch

Skincare brand NIVEA is taking advantage of the associated universe of NFTs (non-fungible token) to feature the worth of touch through computerized workmanship. NIVEA has confidence in the significance of touch for mental and actual wellbeing, placing the availability of touch for all at the center of attention through a restricted release of a NIVEA NFT workmanship piece that is accessible for nothing.

Non-fungible touch

NFT innovation ordinarily permits individuals to exchange and claim high-esteem tokens like workmanship, collectibles, or land by means of digital currencies and has as of late become progressively famous in the craftsmanship world. With the “Worth of Touch”, NIVEA needs to point out the force of touch, utilizing NFTs to examine the worth society at present credits to it, and to start a conversation regarding how contact can be important and strong, regardless of whether uninhibitedly accessible to all.

The craftsman behind NIVEA’s NFT workmanship piece is Clarissa Baldassarri, an Italian visual craftsman who experienced transitory visual weakness from the get-go in her profession as a painter. The constraints she encountered propelled her to rediscover craftsmanship through what she calls a cognizant touch.

NIVEA’s NFT workmanship will be stamped on Polygon and will be accessible as a restricted version free of charge by means of a committed NIVEA site. NIVEA is the primary mass brand to offer free NFTs that address the worth of touch.

Contact with reason

Whenever forlornness occupies more room in individuals’ lives, human touch and feeling associated with others can have a crucial effect. “The Worth of Touch” is essential for NIVEA’s image reason “Care for Human Touch to Rouse Harmony”, sent off in January 2021. Through this the brand upholds human touch undertakings to advance the personal satisfaction for individuals in danger of forlornness. By 2025, NIVEA means to around the world put 20 million Euro in human touch projects with positive effect on the singular wellbeing and prosperity of more than 150.000 individuals. At last, every one of these venture results take special care of a fortified feeling of human connectedness and strength, and subsequently mitigates sensations of forlornness.


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