Esperer Nutrition in collaboration with Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) celebrates Dietetics Day, 2022

In order to create awareness regarding appropriate diet, nutrition and good health in the community, Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) celebrates Dietetics Day nationwide every year since 2013. Esperer Nutrition (EON), a Research-Based global Clinical Nutrition organisation co-hosted the event this year with IDA on 10th January, 2022 at Hyatt Place, Hyderabad. The event was graced by Dr. R Hemalatha, Director of National Institute of Nutrition served as the Guest of Honour along with other renowned industry names.

Every year a different theme is chosen from among the numerous suggestions IDA invites from its members. Every chapter undertakes different activities to spread the messages around the theme. These range from lectures, walks, competitions to events at fairs, bookstores, cafes, schools and hospitals.

Speaking on the event, Mr. Raktim Chattopadhyay, Founder & CEO, Esperer Nutrition commented, “In order to create awareness regarding appropriate diet, nutrition and good health, the IDA Telangana chapter brought in the Dietetics Day 202. Esperer Nutrition’s Immunomodulatory Therapeutic Nutrition Supplement portfolio team ENORMA is happy to host the event.

Enorma, which is Esperer Nutrition’s Immunomodulatory portfolio for addressing various chronic diseases, has already created space as best in its class in India, & UK like countries. The event saw active participation by the members in spreading the message of nutrition and dietetics to the community. It was a fun filled event with Miss Nutritionist Contest stealing the limelight. The event was followed by Saadhana Awards to Recognize Nutritionists & Dietician (RND).


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