Getinge Enhances Scalability and Expands Healthcare Reach in India

Global medtech leader Getinge is set to amplify its impact on the Indian market through its India Innovation Centre (IIC) and by fostering collaborations between industry and academia, catering to the worldwide market. The company boasts a solid market share in India across multiple product segments, including ventilators (30%), heart-lung machines (50%), intra-aortic balloon pumps (70%), extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) (90%), and operating room tables (25%).

Aruna Nayak, Managing Director of Getinge India Pvt. Ltd., commented on the company’s contributions to India’s healthcare advancements, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Getinge provided crucial support to healthcare workers by delivering record installations of advanced ventilators and ECMO products. Their service engineers also completed approximately 10,000 service calls related to these items.

Nayak also noted that India ranks among Getinge’s top 10 markets globally, and the company is currently collaborating with 10,000 Indian hospitals to build a world-class infrastructure. Getinge is committed to launching and manufacturing high-end technologies and devices in India, making them available in the US and the European Union. The company is poised to serve the Indian market with its top-tier products as investments in healthcare infrastructure continue to grow.

In line with their strategy for India, Getinge established an Innovation Centre in Bangalore in January 2020, focusing on developing advanced and cost-effective solutions for emergency critical care and clinical trials. Getinge has also partnered with IIT Bombay’s School of Biomedical Engineering to create innovative, affordable emergency critical care solutions based on insights gained from the pandemic.


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