Microalgae Innovator Introduces Nutritionally Dense Plant-based Chicken Nuggets

Spirulina-based chicken analog

Meet SimpliiGood, the innovative food-tech company, a division of AlgaeCore Technologies Ltd., that’s redefining plant-based protein with its ground-breaking breaded chicken cutlet analog. This novel creation is mainly composed of spirulina, a microalgae loaded with nutrients, promising an alternative to real chicken that’s as tasty and structurally similar as it is nutritionally dense.

The plant-based industry is booming with the rise of “meatless meat,” and SimpliiGood’s new product is sure to satisfy those seeking a cleaner, nutrient-packed alternative to conventional chicken nuggets. Containing 80% fresh, minimally processed spirulina microalgae enriched with prebiotic fibers, this chicken cutlet analog aims to elevate the plant-based food industry.

“Leveraging the unique properties of fresh spirulina on our proprietary texturizing platform addresses the problematic sensory challenges while enhancing its potency and functionality,” explains Shalev. “This broadens its applications beyond the exceptional nutritional profile and high concentration of protein to being a clean-label potential to replace thickeners, stabilizers, emulsifiers, binders, texturizers in multiple applications.”

SimpliiGood’s roots lie in the cultivation of fresh spirulina. With time, they diversified their vision and transformed into spirulina innovators, pushing the boundaries of the microalgae’s application. “Microalgae such as spirulina is a high-value and eco-friendly alternative protein source. That’s how we evolved into spirulina innovators,” notes Lior Shalev, CEO and co-founder of SimpliiGood.

Recognized for its plentiful supply of whole protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, spirulina holds the spotlight in plant-based nutrition. SimpliiGood’s innovation lies in its cultivation and processing method. They are the first to use 100% pure, raw, fresh spirulina that is flash-frozen, contrary to the dried and powdered form that currently dominates the market. This method guarantees higher nutrient content and bioavailability, without any off-flavors or aromas, thus offering a new world of potential in food and beverage innovation.

The company’s innovative technology utilizes spirulina as the core component to mimic whole-muscle animal protein. The resultant product is free from toxins, pesticides, hormones, heavy metals, and environmental pollutants. This forward-thinking approach is a significant step towards cleaner and more sustainable plant-based food alternatives.

Looking forward, following the success of their vegan 95% spirulina-based smoked salmon replica last year, SimpliiGood is gearing up for the commercial launch of the chicken breast analog in the coming year. With ongoing advancements, the company continues to push the boundaries of plant-based proteins and the potential applications of spirulina.


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