Roche Diagnostics Launches ‘Made in India’ Accu-Chek Active to Boost Diabetes Care Accessibility

Accu-Chek Active blood glucose monitor by Roche Diabetes Care India

Roche Diabetes Care India (RDC India) revealed that it is now producing its blood glucose monitoring device Accu-Chek Active in India. The company aims to improve access to diabetes care and cater to the growing needs of the Indian market. RDC India has partnered with Sanmina-SCI India Pvt. Ltd. for manufacturing and Parekh Integrated Services Pvt. Ltd. (PISPL) for assembly and distribution.

Omar Sherief Mohammad, Cluster Head – India Middle East and Africa, RDC, said, “We are delighted to announce the manufacturing of Accu-Chek Active meters in India in partnership with Sanmina. This move is in line with our commitment to improve access to diabetes care by shortening our time to market and become more sustainable in our operations by reducing our carbon footprint.”

Sanmina’s manufacturing site in Chennai, India, will produce the Accu-Chek Active meters, maintaining the brand’s globally approved quality standards. The new product packs will feature the ‘Made in India’ tag, and RDC India expects the local production to reduce time to market and contribute to global sustainability goals.

Mike Landy, President and COO Integrated Manufacturing Services of Sanmina, said, “Sanmina has had a long-standing presence in India for over 20 years. We are proud to be the manufacturing partner of Roche Diabetes Care India and are honored that the products we are manufacturing will have a significant impact in diabetes care and wellness for the people of India.”

RDC India’s Accu-Chek products and solutions have been trusted by millions of people with diabetes in India and worldwide for over four decades. The first batch of locally manufactured Accu-Chek Active meters is already available across the country.


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