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Save Earth Mission Releases Urgent Advisory as Cyclone Biporjoy Nears

Save Earth Mission Logo - Cyclone Biporjoy Advisory

As Cyclone Biporjoy closes in, Save Earth Mission’s Indian headquarters has issued an urgent advisory detailing essential preparedness steps to safeguard residents in the cyclone’s path.

In light of the impending Cyclone Biporjoy, Save Earth Mission, an environmental and humanitarian organization, has urged citizens to take all necessary precautions. The organization’s advisory comes as meteorological departments and local authorities issued an orange alert signaling potential severe weather conditions.

Among the guidelines, Save Earth Mission advises individuals to store drinking water, prepare emergency lighting such as torches and candles, and stock up on non-perishable food items. Communication during this period is vital, so charging mobile phones and having a power bank is recommended.

It’s essential to secure your property by removing or securing solar panels and parking vehicles in safe locations. Also, as a safety measure, turning off gas cylinders and electricity mains is advised to prevent accidents.

Attention should also be given to having an adequate supply of essential medicines and first-aid kits. Pet owners are urged to ensure their pets are indoors with enough food and water.

Save Earth Mission emphasizes the importance of community cooperation and sharing this information with neighbors.


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