SUANNUTRA Bolsters Global Presence in Nutraceuticals Market with New CEO

Anthony Weston, CEO of SUANNUTRA, leading the way in nutraceutical innovation.

SUANFARMA, a prominent life science partner specializing in the development and commercialization of ingredients for the pharmaceutical, veterinary, and nutraceutical industries, has appointed Anthony Weston as the new CEO of its subsidiary SUANNUTRA. This move is aimed at amplifying the company’s customer-centric approach and fortifying its global footprint in the nutraceutical market.

Founded in 1993, SUANFARMA, S.A. has garnered a reputation for its commitment to quality and innovation. With its 1,400 active customers spread across 50 countries and an extensive network in Europe, USA, and Asia, SUANNUTRA, backed by SUANFARMA, is a leading contender in the nutraceutical industry.

Under its core brands, namely Gonmisol, Monteloeder, and Suanfarma USA, SUANNUTRA plans to pursue market-leading growth through branded and innovative ingredients. It also aims to bolster its market presence in functional and essential ingredients, drawing on its long-standing commitment to quality and innovation.

As the newly-appointed CEO, Anthony Weston brings with him a wealth of experience in global business management and leadership. He has been lauded for his focus on sustainable profitable growth, product innovation, and adeptness in acquisitions and integrations. Having formerly been associated with Frutarom and IFF, his expertise makes him well-equipped for this role.

Francisco Fernández, who will remain at the helm of SUANFARMA and serve as a key advisor to SUANNUTRA, expressed confidence in Anthony Weston’s inspiring leadership, strategic vision, and ability to navigate challenges. He believes that under Weston’s stewardship, SUANNUTRA is poised for unparalleled success.

Weston himself is enthusiastic about joining the formidable team at SUANNUTRA. He voiced his eagerness to augment the company’s presence in the global nutraceuticals market through a science-backed product line, innovations, and invigorating partnerships and collaborations.

A critical part of SUANNUTRA’s strategy is strengthening its team with top talent, which is vital in solidifying its stature as an industry vanguard. The company has been recognized by industry giants and has received numerous awards for innovative branded ingredients.

In summation, with its customer-centric approach, commitment to innovation, and a dynamic new CEO, SUANNUTRA is set to revolutionize the nutraceutical industry, providing a gamut of products and services to a global clientele.


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