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Survey Reveals 65% of Surgeons aren’t Happy with the Current Medical Infrastructure in India

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In honor of National Doctors’ Day, Pristyn Care and Lybrate Data Labs unveiled a study highlighting key issues affecting general surgeons in India. The study incorporated responses from over 700 surgeons, pointing to significant concerns over medical infrastructure, remuneration, and burnout.

A worrying 65% of surgeons were found to be dissatisfied with the current medical infrastructure, and a further 86% felt their compensation was inadequate compared to their counterparts in Western countries. These findings pose serious questions about the potential exodus of skilled professionals from India.

Burnout, another grave concern, was reported by 48% of doctors, primarily attributed to challenges in maintaining work-life balance, administrative burdens, lack of resources, and high-stress levels inherent in the profession.

Patients’ fears surrounding general surgery were also addressed, including concerns about surgical pain, post-surgery scarring, and complications arising from anesthesia. Despite advancements in technology, the study reveals that 60% of surgeons still rely on in-person consultations to address these concerns. Moreover, laparoscopic surgery has become the most preferred technique, accounting for over 80% of surgeries.

Co-founder of Pristyn Care, Dr. Vaibhav Kapoor, spoke on the findings, underlining the company’s dedication to prioritizing the well-being of doctors and providing an environment conducive to their personal and professional growth.

In light of Doctors’ Day, this study serves as a timely reminder of the challenges faced by our medical professionals and highlights the importance of comprehensive support systems for their overall well-being.


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