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Thalassemia Sickle Cell Society Applauds Gandhi Hospital’s Support on World Thalassemia Day

On World Thalassemia Day, Thalassemia Sickle Cell Society (TSCS) expressed their gratitude towards Gandhi Hospital for providing exceptional splenectomy medical services to thalassemia children. These services are carried out by the Department of Paediatric Surgery at Gandhi Hospital, led by Prof Dr. K. Nagarjuna, Dr. S. Srinivas, Dr. Kavimozhy Ilakkiya, Dr. A. Raj Kiran, and Dr. K. Phanindra.

Over the past three years, the Department of Paediatric Surgery at Gandhi Hospital has successfully performed 40 splenectomies on thalassemia children, according to hospital records. Prof Dr. K. Nagarjuna alone has conducted 70 splenectomy operations for these young patients. Thalassemia children often require splenectomy due to their increased need for blood transfusions, but they present unique challenges for surgeons due to their high-risk morbid status, coagulopathy, and other health complications.

Mr. Chandrakant Agarwal, President of TSCS, and Dr. Suman Jain, CEO & Secretary of TSCS, expressed their appreciation for the dedicated and skilled pediatric surgeons at Gandhi Hospital. They emphasized the importance of the post-operative environment, which includes a ‘Children Play Den’ filled with motorized cars, a television, a large aquarium, and a six-foot statue of Lord Buddha, symbolizing spiritual health.

On this World Thalassemia Day, the TSCS acknowledges and appreciates the services provided by the Department of Paediatric Surgery at Gandhi Hospital. They urge the government of Telangana to recognize the department for its exceptional healthcare and safe splenectomy procedures for thalassemia children.


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