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Celebrate World Health Day by Investing in Your Sleep with Magniflex Investment Plan (MIP)

In today’s world, individuals prioritize investments in life and health insurance to secure their well-being. Alongside these investments, a focus on quality sleep is essential for maintaining good health. Magniflex India, an Italian luxury mattress brand with over six decades of experience, introduces the Magniflex Investment Plan (MIP) on World Health Day to emphasize the importance of investing in sleep.

MIP by Magniflex encourages consumers to invest in their well-being by choosing high-quality, technologically advanced mattresses that support spinal health and combat sleep deprivation. Magniflex offers attractive EMI options across their product range to make this investment more accessible.

Mr. Anand Nichani, MD of Magniflex India, shared his thoughts on MIP: “Individuals often invest in various insurance plans to secure their financial future and health. Modern consumers recognize the value of investing in a healthy lifestyle to prevent future health issues. Our EMI-based Magniflex Investment Plan is designed to serve all consumers who want to invest in a top-quality mattress for a restful and rejuvenating sleep.”

Sleep is a vital aspect of our daily lives, impacting both our physical and mental well-being. Sleep deprivation has become increasingly prevalent, particularly in India, where adults have been struggling with sleep-related disorders since the pandemic began. Studies show that 37% of the population has difficulty falling asleep, and 27% struggle to stay asleep. Poor sleep, combined with a fast-paced lifestyle, leads to health concerns such as back pain and other orthopedic issues.


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