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Doctors Pioneering Digital Health, Uniting Old Challenges, Harnessing AI, and Realizing India’s Vision of “Make AI in India” and “Make AI Work for India”

Cardiology Society of India event promoting cardiac health awareness

July 1st, National Doctors Day, is a time to recognize the tireless efforts and dedication of India’s doctors in maintaining public health. With this year’s theme of “Celebrating Resilience and Healing Hands,” the nation acknowledges the central role of doctors in implementing new technologies, such as AI, to positively impact patient outcomes.

In a country where the doctor-to-patient ratio is dwindling, AI has emerged as a potent tool to bridge the gap in healthcare resources. The vision of the government’s “Make AI in India” initiative, coupled with the rise of healthtech startups, has made AI an integral part of healthcare.

With over 3,500 active healthtech startups, including AI-based Remote Patient Monitoring system Dozee, technological advancements are transforming India’s healthcare sector. This convergence of healthcare and AI is being led by doctors who, by utilizing AI, are helping overcome the constraints and challenges of the healthcare system.

On this National Doctors Day, we celebrate doctors’ dedication and resilience, as well as their commitment to revolutionizing healthcare through AI. The future of healthcare is more patient-centric, efficient, and equitable, thanks to these efforts.


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