Lubrizol Introduces Consumer-Centric Nutra 2.0 Strategy – Bridging the Gap: Aligning Supplement Manufacturers with Consumer Desires

Lubrizol Life Science Health (LLS Health) announces its groundbreaking, consumer-focused approach for value-added nutraceuticals at Vitafoods Europe, taking place from May 9-11, 2023, in Geneva. The new vision, “Bridging the gap: aligning supplement manufacturers with consumer behaviors,” underscores Lubrizol’s commitment to understanding the consumer, while emphasizing the power of its existing portfolio of market-driven, insight-based solutions for its clientele.

LLS Health has collaborated with 113 industries, a pioneering AI-driven research firm specializing in creating consumer behavior models using machine learning and AI to collect and scrutinize extensive consumer-generated content. The aim was to gain a deeper understanding of dietary supplement purchasing patterns based on discussions and activities on social media platforms. This analysis helped identify unfulfilled needs, shifting preferences, and perceptions and concerns related to ingredients and nutraceuticals.

“LLS Health has devoted significant resources to research that enables our customers to remain in tune with consumer expectations and set their products apart in a competitive market,” states Isabel Gómez, Global Marketing Manager for LLS Health’s nutraceutical division. “The results reveal that to resonate with consumers, manufacturers must address both the rational and emotional aspects of consumer consciousness.”

The study identified various supplement consumer profiles, the most common being health-conscious individuals eager to try new products for overall wellness. Other types include solution-oriented seekers addressing personal issues such as sleep, mental health, skincare, and gut health; sporadic users; routine users; skeptics preferring a “food first, supplements as needed” approach; and fertility/pregnancy-focused consumers.

Today’s health-conscious consumers not only require scientifically supported, clinically proven ingredients with demonstrated benefits but also seek products with sensory appeal to fulfill their emotional needs. LLS Health’s nutraceutical portfolio embodies this research, featuring proven solutions tailored for various products like syrups, gummies, and powder sticks, and delivering essential sensory attributes like taste, texture, and visual appeal.

Lubrizol aims to satisfy both the rational, fact-based and emotional, sensory-based aspects of consumer mentality. By investing in new market research and concentrating on trending health benefit platforms, Lubrizol offers its clients valuable insights paired with distinctive, science-supported branded ingredients, while collaborating on supplement innovation.

Gómez emphasizes the importance of understanding consumer desires: “Consumers want to feel connected and engaged in their well-being, a sentiment that became particularly significant during the recent pandemic and continues to be relevant today.”


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