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Medical Breakthrough: Narayana Health Achieves Record in Swift Brain Aneurysm Treatment

Representational image of the pioneering medical team at Narayana Health.

Narayana Health, a renowned healthcare provider in India, has etched its name in the annals of medical history. Through an advanced deployment of a flow diverter stent in record time, the healthcare giant has successfully treated a patient suffering from a brain aneurysm. This landmark procedure, which took less than 3 minutes to perform, demonstrates Narayana Health’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence.

The patient, aged 47, had multiple intracranial aneurysms. A rupture in one of the aneurysms led to life-threatening internal bleeding in the brain. The experts at Narayana Health sprung into action to save the patient. The procedure, led by the proficient Dr. Vikram Huded, Senior Neuro-interventionist, involved using an advanced flow diverter stent. Typically, such interventions take about an hour, but this time, the team astounded everyone by completing it in just two and a half minutes.

This achievement is globally significant as it represents the fastest deployment of this type of device anywhere in the world. The device’s manufacturer has also acknowledged it as the quickest recorded deployment globally. Dr. Vikram Huded remarked that this was the first time this advanced type of flow-diverter device was used in India. This technique, called flow diverter stenting, is instrumental in encouraging blood to flow through the artery while reducing flow into the aneurysm, leading to it eventually shrinking.

Such innovations are crucial in tackling brain aneurysms, which are serious medical conditions characterized by a bulge in the brain’s arteries. These often go unnoticed until a rupture occurs, leading to potentially fatal internal bleeding. Thanks to Narayana Health’s quick action and the revolutionary procedure, a life was saved.


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