MedScapeIndia-AMET Organises 6th FIT INDIA Conclave 2023

Fit India Conclave 2023

In the wake of escalating health awareness, MedScapeIndia-AMET (Aryan Medical & Educational Trust) orchestrated the 6th edition of the Fit India Conclave this year. This conference was designed as a platform to propel discussions on nationwide CPR training and the universal achievement of Health4All.

The event featured significant highlights, including the launch of the Girl Child Anthem, live demonstrations at 21 CPR Stations, and the unveiling of Fit India Fest. An important discourse also revolved around the proposal for legislation that aims to prevent assaults on doctors, a pressing issue in the healthcare sector.

Reflecting on the purpose of the conclave, Dr Pramod P Sawant, the Chief Minister of Goa, emphasized the preventive aspects of healthcare and the promotion of healthier lifestyles. “In alignment with the National Fit India Movement, we’ve instigated several campaigns and initiatives aimed at the cultivation of healthier habits and converting wellness into a lifestyle,” he said.

The driving force behind the conclave, Dr Sunita Dube, Founder and Chairperson of MedScapeIndia, has been ceaselessly striving to improve the healthcare delivery system. She encouraged her fellow physicians to commit to achieving ‘Health4All’ and emphasized the importance of widespread CPR training.

Furthermore, Dr Dube underlined the “5 Pillars of the Fit India Movement”, namely Screen India, Prevent India, Pledge India, Treat India, and Train India. She emphasized the need to partner with healthcare institutions, NGOs, and community centers to ensure the widespread accessibility of CPR training and allocate resources accordingly.

The conclave was well-attended by a host of dignitaries from various medical fraternities who shared their expertise during panel discussions on “Nexgen Med-Research, Technology & Innovation” and “Enhancing Wellness and Boosting Immunity: Exploring Strategies for a Healthy Future”. This illustrious gathering underlined the need for collective action in creating a health-conscious community, focusing on physical and mental wellness.

The Fit India Conclave 2023 hosted by MedScapeIndia proved to be an important stepping stone towards achieving nationwide health awareness and setting new benchmarks in preventive healthcare. The strides made at the conference and the initiatives launched will undoubtedly propel India towards the goal of Health4All.


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