PharmaSynth Celebrates 40 Years of Innovation and Excellence in the Pharmaceutical Industry

PharmaSynth employees celebrating 40th Foundation Day

PharmaSynth Formulations Limited, a leading name in the pharmaceutical sector, proudly commemorates its 40th Foundation Day, marking four decades of service and commitment to quality healthcare across India. The company’s mission to provide high-quality medicines at affordable prices remains at the core of its operations, reinforcing its commitment to public health and welfare.

Having been honored with several national and international accolades, PharmaSynth continues to make strides in pharmaceutical production. Beyond this, the company remains deeply committed to social causes and patriotism. The previous year saw the distribution of over 3 lakh Vitamin-D tablets to the economically disadvantaged, further asserting PharmaSynth’s dedication to societal well-being.

PharmaSynth’s Managing Director, Dr. Arvind Kumar Gupta, shared, “As a conscientious, socially responsible, and environmentally aware organization, every member of PharmaSynth diligently adheres to all rules and regulations to improve our medicine manufacturing process continually. We strive to redefine quality not just in our product offerings but also through our corporate reputation and our commitment to social and welfare activities.”

To celebrate the occasion, PharmaSynth’s representative, Mr. Ramesh Chand Jain, announced salary increments for all company employees, manifesting the company’s appreciation for its dedicated workforce.


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