Dr. Roma Kumar Brings A New Dawn in Child Mental Health with LISSUN Collaboration

Dr. Roma Kumar joining LISSUN team

Dr. Roma Kumar, a towering figure in the realm of psychology, has made a landmark move by partnering with LISSUN, India’s leading mental health platform. This partnership promises a significant elevation in the care and understanding of child mental health, thanks to Dr. Kumar’s 35 years of rich professional experience. LISSUN and Dr. Kumar aim to redefine the landscape of child mental healthcare, ensuring brighter futures for India’s young minds.

LISSUN, known for its dedication to mental health and emotional wellness, has been revolutionizing mental health services since its inception. The recent collaboration with Dr. Kumar accentuates their dedication to child mental healthcare, and the importance of addressing the mental health needs of children and adolescents.

“Dr. Roma Kumar is a welcome addition to the LISSUN family. Her proficiency in child mental health will certainly bring invaluable worth to our organization,” states Tarun Gupta, Co-Founder of LISSUN. “This partnership fortifies LISSUN’s commitment to providing inclusive and accessible mental health services. With our combined expertise, we look forward to creating a significant positive influence on the well-being of children and adolescents.”

As a part of the collaboration, LISSUN and Dr. Kumar will work together to develop specialized protocols for Child Development Interventions and Services. Furthermore, they aim to facilitate training programs for psychologists and mental health staff to ensure a high standard of care. This dedication to providing comprehensive support to children, along with ambitious plans for Phygital child development centers, showcases a brighter future for child mental health care in India.


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